Francisco Ugarte

Guadalajara, México, 1973

  1. BIO
  • Untitled (old water tank tops), 2012.

  • Intervention Polyforum Siqueiros, 2012. Hose, black paint and vinyl.

  • Literary Landscapes (Juan Rulfo), 2011. Pencil intervention to 10 pages from the books: "Pedro Páramo" and "El Llano en Llamas".

  • Intervention to the Luis Barragán House, 2010. Aluminum foil, Home-Museum Luis Barragán, México City.

  • Untitled (MAZ), 2010. Sheetrock, translucent glass and black painting. MAZ Museo de Arte de Zapopan.

  • Untitled (shadow projector), 2009. Concrete and epoxy paint. Agua Azul Public Park, Guadalajara, México.

  • Untitled (triangle and natural light), 2010. Corner, clear glass and sheetrock.

  • Untitled (light and corner), 2008. Projector and slides.

  • Dialogue, 2007. Wood platform, light bulbs and translucent glass.

  • Untitled (23 skies), 2005. Steel, black painting and mirrors. Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, México.